Define Your Demographic

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March 11, 2015
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June 19, 2019
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Define Your Demographic

Social media can be an amazing tool for small businesses… if it’s utilized properly. A good social media presence allows you to be discoverable, when people search out businesses like yours it’ll be easier to find you!

It allows you to get more connected with your customers! You can get a better feel for what your customers want, communicate with them more easily, and allow them to interact with your business.

Social media also allows you to be timely… you can get information out to a large group of people quickly.

Facebook insights also make it easier to understand your customer’s online tendencies and get to know your audience better.

Speaking of audiences, one key element in developing a good social media presence is identifying your audience. Things to consider include; how old are they, and where do they live? What do your ideal customers have in common? How can your business help them? Would one group be more interested in specific messages, products, or services? A sale or a timely offer? What social media networks do they use? The goal is to reach the demographic most likely to become your customers.