How to use email newsletters for your small business

How to Generate Reviews for Your Small Business
July 25, 2019
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How to use email newsletters for your small business

Why use email campaigns?

The process of sending emails to potential future customers as well as former or current customers will help a small business grow and establish itself! By continually having your company name show up in front of your clients and customers you will build credibility and become recognizable. This is the same concept as running advertisements on social media and search engines. Once your brand becomes recognizable you will see an increase in generated calls, website clicks, and therefore sales.

Sending email newsletters also offers you the opportunity to show off your company’s accomplishments. By distributing news and information about your company you will build more of a reputation. This will also build your customers interest in your company and generate a following. With a larger following and reputation your company will generate more reviews, sending emails will also give clients a direct place to leave reviews which you can distribute to social media or your website.

Who should I send emails too?

In order to benefit from your email newsletters, you’ll need to generate an accurate list of email addresses to send your newsletter to. This can be done several ways. The first is simply asking for email addresses of potential clients you come across, adding a sign-up link on your website will help with this. Another great way to collect email addresses is by asking clients for their email information when you work with them or when they purchase from you initially. This is a great method because you will be able to reach people who have already purchased your product or service and you will be able to turn them into recurring clients.

Always make sure customers are aware that you’ll be sending them emails, ensuring that people opt-in to your email list is always the best practice.

What type of emails should you send?

Customizing the type of email, you send out will depend on the type of business you run. Contractors should send out information about their recent projects. Showing off images of work and different types of projects will give your clients reason to come back to you when they need work or tell others about your business.

Retail companies should spread news about their business. This should include new products you are selling or upcoming sales and promotions you’ll be running. E-commerce newsletters should look similar to that of a retail, with the added benefit of including links that will lead directly to the products themselves.

After you send out an email campaign you should study the results. Looking at the types of sales and reviews your business gets afterwards is one way you can do that. When you use a professional email service you can view analytics of your newsletters as well. This will allow you to retarget people who opened your email and you’ll be able to follow up with another form of contact.