Online Advertising

Advertise Your Small Business Online!

We can help your small business get noticed online by future customers!

The world of online advertising can be overwhelming for small business owners. That is where our team at ReStyle Marketing can help! Our goal is to help you stand out online and reach more potential customers in your local area.

We will develop a well-run advertising campaign and work with you to define your target audience. Our team will design and build a local advertising campaign that will fit your businesses goals and budget.

Where will we advertise your company?

Our specialties are social media advertising and pay per click (Google Ads & Bing Ads), including; search, display, and remarketing ads. This means we can ensure your small business will show up in search results when local customers search for your services, and across social media platforms that your customers visit every day.

These customized online ads get your business in front of more people in your target audience! Designing a package to fit your businesses needs will help us to better advertise your company and optimize your advertising spend. We configure and continually optimize your ads, so they perform as best as possible. We want you to get the biggest return on investment and ensure valuable advertising dollars aren’t being wasted on ad placements that are reaching people who are unlikely to purchase.

We pride ourselves on designing online advertisements that will show up to potential customers in the correct places, ensuring that your ads will represent your company’s integrity and branding. By building your company image across ad campaigns, customers will start to remember your name when they need your products or services in the future. Conveying direct and professional messages about your services in your online ads will increase the rate at which viewers will click on your ads and be directed to your website. Combining this with well crafted and designed ads about your company and its services will make an online ad campaign even more successful for small businesses.