Social Media Advertising

Advertise your business on social media platforms

At ReStyle Marketing we can run advertisements for your business on many different social media channels. We have the ability to design customized campaigns that will allow you to have custom images displaying to potential clients. We can target specific geographic locations or demographics based on where your business is located and the area you serve.

Being competitive as a small business in the world of online marketing can be tricky. You must compete directly with big name brand companies with many resources at their disposal. We allow you to level the playing field and show up to potential client’s side by side with your competitors. We do this by running advertisements through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to target specific audiences that will most likely be looking for your business.

We have experience working with many different types of clients. From Ecommerce stores to beauty salons and building contractors. We can work with you to build a plan that will work for your company. We build customized packages for our clients. This will allow you to be flexible with the amount of money you put towards social media marketing and our experience allows us to determine the best places to spend that money.