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January 28, 2015
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February 25, 2015
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Little business. Big internet

Here is a little “online branding” 101 for small businesses. First of all if you don’t have a professionally designed logo… you should get one. This way you’ll have a high quality, high resolution image to use in all of you online promotional material. Including your; website, email newsletters, social media pages, photos, menus, etc.

You want your business to look the part, and your logo plays a big role in that. It says a lot about your business, so when picking the design for your logo try to have your company image and culture in mind. For example, is your business fun and easy going, or is it more serious and professional.

Also keep in mind that what you’re selling can play a role in logo design. People should be able to associate your logo with the industry you’re in, this will help you achieve a more timeless feel. However, at the same time you want to be unique from your competitors.

Once you have your logo… it’s time to come up with cool promotional images. Consistency is the key here. All your promotional images should have a consistent look and feel. People need to be able to recognize your brand from one online medium to the next.

Whatever images you choose for your website, social media, newsletters, postcards, etc. should be professional looking. No one likes to look at blurry or cut off images. What we try to do is tie in all these different images to specific campaigns or promotions our clients are having. This way it’s less chaotic and easier for the public to get a clear message from the business.